Wow! Just wow!

Absolutely amazing high-tech facility. Friendly and, most importantly, extremely professional and knowledgeable staff.
I honestly never saw anything like that.
I think my dog was amazed as well. 🙂
I am not just highly recommend this place but simply insist to go there.
Just to see what real veterinary clinic should be.

Too bad Yelp doesn’t allow 6 stars. I’d gladly give 6 stars to them. Vitaly L.

Impressed with service, equipment, and ease of this veterinary clinic. What a gem in south Brooklyn without needing to shlep afar. A++ , highly recommend and will be back!

Linda S.

First office and staff where my normally nervous dog was comfortable and at ease.  The zen-like atmosphere (with music and aromatherapy) eased my dog’s and my anxiety when visiting vets.  A place that offers luxury pet care, but also a highly trained staff, professional environment, a gorgeous modern facility that all made for an overall fantastic experience for both me and furry baby.  I not only highly recommend this place, but will be back here for any little or big thing.  Thanks Pretpet for a great experience.

Luba C.

Our 10 yr old Yorkie has been suffering from allergies his whole life, and we seen more vets than we can count….3 days ago he started itching so hard that we had to we had to do something. We brought him to pretpet. Wow!This is the cleanest veterinary office that we have ever seen! We were seen within minutes of our arrival. Dr Samuel was very thorough and professional–after taking a very detailed history she came up with a treatment plan, and than explained every step of it as well as reasoning behind it–a very unique and pleasant experience. The manager is very polite and knowledgeable. Most important part of the review–her treatment is working! Our dog was itching much less within 12 hours after the visit, and now he is almost cured. This is our new vet.

Evanka M.

Great service. We brought our cat Vasya there since we were worries about him getting diabetes. As it turns out all he needed was a change of a diet.  No expensive medications were prescribed. Thank you Anna.

Alex T.

We’re different.

We’re nothing like the veterinary hospital down the street. We focus on concierge service for our clients and patients. We want to make your and your pet feel relaxed and actually enjoy a trip to the vet. What makes us different? Everything.

Stop by!

Come to see our world-class clinic where we utilize modern design and architecture, offer a fear-free environment for your pet, and use the latest technology to make sure that your pet gets the customized care that they deserve.

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